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Prices subject to change without notice.
ARC reserves all rights as a computer sales and service agent .
Discounted items may have limited/shortened warranty period due to the nature of clearance items.
All trade-marks and logos are copyright to their respective owners.
ARC reserves the right of typographical errors for product descriptions, specifications and prices.
Customers must make sure they receive the correct items before leaving the store. ARC will not be liable for any issues raised afterward.
ARC Sales Order does not guarantee price or stock. They could be affected by market supply fluctuation. In such case, a refund of deposit could be an option.

Information contained throughout these web pages and in our database is believed to be accurate and reliable at the time of publishing. There may be misprints, human errors, and omissions. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections in prices, products, and specifications without notice.

Conditional Pricing

ARC "Condition Apply (CA)" conditions:

1. You have to spend a minimum value of $300.00 at normal listed prices from an ARC store first, excluding any "Conditions Apply" and/or Special-priced items, then you can purchase next item at CA-price. This does not apply when there is a "cash-back" program to the product as stated below.
2. "Conditions Apply" prices could also refer to CASHBACK schemes - this price is the price after cash-back from specific Manufacturer. Any item has such cash-back will not have the above CA price anymore. Such Cash-back price has nothing to do with ARC but just an indication of a result after suppliers cash-back refunding.  Customer must pay full listed price, then follow the Manufacturer's requirements and / or forms for certain CASHBACK benefits. These CASHBACK schemes are not affiliated with ARC Computers in any way, and are subject to the Manufacturer's Terms and Conditions such as expiry date etc. Such products include monitors, NBs and printers (etc). Their cash-back programs are issued from manufacturer's marketing department respectively. Other instructions could be obtained from ARC sales team member.
3. Only one "Condition Apply" item per invoice. Special Price, Conditional Price and other promotional prices cannot be mixed in a single buy / invoice. No double-dipping.
4. If no mention of this promotional deal, normal RRP price apply.
5. Until stock last. No back order.

ARC Website prices:

ARC has separate "website prices" apart from normal "retail prices". Website price is strictly for online ordering and delivery ONLY. If customer opt for picking up from any of ARC branches (even if you ordered online initially), then normal prices apply. In another word, all walk-in customers will not be able to pay "website prices" unless stated.

ARC Special prices:

ARC listed price of an item is effective while stock lasts. Order on such priced items might attract different price due to changes from suppliers. In another word, no guarantee of pricing can be given on ordering (none-stocked) items.

ARC Special Ordering Prices:

If there is no stock and customer would like us to order certain product(s) on their behalf, there might be an extra fee to cover extra cost as such item would mostly cost more to order in by themselves over our bulk order deals from distributors. Special orders may incur a $3 when under $50, $5 when over $50 and $10 when over $100 surcharge to cover delivery and handling.


1. ARC accepts cash and all major credit cards. ARC reserve all rights in identifying legitimate cash and credit cards. Personal IDs shall be required.
2. ARC is willing to take most credit cards with a surcharge according to the charges from the bank. We have 1% on Bank Card, Master Card and VISA Card; 3.2% surcharge on American Express and Dinners Club due to the higher bank charges. 
3. Personal cheque is not accepted. Company cheque and bank cheque will be subject to approval of managers. In most cases, cheque will need to be cleared before goods released.

Refund policy:
Refund can only be considered with good enough reason(s) according to Fair Trading legislation and only within 7 days from purchase date. Deductions on depreciation, ware & tare and physical damages may apply.
Goods exchanged/refunded must be in original condition and all packaging must be returned. Any products returned may incur a 10-100% restocking fee based on the situation.

No refund on bank surcharge on credit cards due to that no refund from the banks once charged. There will also be surcharges on refund from the banks.

Deposit will be forfeited if no pick up within one month since ordered.

For swap or trade-in value of customer's products, it is up to the store manager to determine their value.

Pricing & matching:
Price Matching is Strictly Cash Only, and to the discretion of ARC based on each case.
We only match prices against competitors who has shopfront/show room located in NSW, Australia.
Price to be matched will need to have stock; otherwise we match at our discretion. We will not match any misleading pricing.
Price-matching sale could be limited in quantity.
Some Special Prices are Strictly Cash Only.

Systems & Part Ordered must have a 10-20% (non-refundable) Deposit.
Prices do not include freight. Check with sales team for courier charges when ordering.
Onsite service bookings are regarded as a sales order. If no sufficient notice is given on a cancellation prior to the booked service time, a call-out fee will be charged.

It is customers' full responsibility to notify our staff members if any postage requires insurance. If no insurance is specified by customer, goods sent will not have insurance. Customers will be responsible for any unforeseeable damages or lose of goods in transit. We anticipate on shipping our orders within 1-2 business days if goods are in stock. Or ship out as soon as they come into stock.

We will not ship goods without insurance unless they are fully paid for. In another word, customer with an account will not receive their order without insurance.

OEM Products:
OEM Products can only be purchased with new hardware components and/or systems.
For detail rulings, refer to OEM supplier/manufacturer or, ask your ARC sales rep.


ARC Computers offers a standard one year return to base warranty unless otherwise stated.

Our goods come with guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

We honour / pass any warranty terms and conditions from manufacturers onto our customers. At time of placing order with us, please note that we do not provide advance replacement under any circumstances. ARC Computers is not responsible for any losses incurred to you related to the use of the goods during the warranty claim being processed. If you will be using the item(s) for mission critical tasks you should consider a good backup plan.

How to Return Your Product for Warranty Claim?
  1. Strongly Recommended procedure for speedy resolution

    If you encounter any problems with operating your product, it is strongly recommended that you contact the manufacturer customer hotline directly to ensure the issues are resolved for you in a quickest manner, particularly for items falling into the categories below:

    • Graphics Cards
    • Motherboards
    • Monitors
    • Network Products (modems, routers, switches and adapters etc.)
    • Notebooks/Laptops
    • Printers
    • Surge Protectors and Back-up Power Supplies

    Experience has proven that this is typically the quickest way to get the issues resolved when the manufacturer is contacted directly. Manufacturer knows how your product operates, and they have better resource to help you. Most manufacturers have dedicated technical support centers with advanced troubleshooting capabilities to help you resolve your issues.

  2. Strongly Recommended procedure for speedy resolution

    You may bring your product to any of our stores to have your warranty processed. You must provide us with the purchase receipt, or there might be a delay on such warranty claim or extra cost or failing your warranty claim.

    The processing time for a warranty claim will include, but not exclusive to, the time for initial testing at ARC, shipping the product back to supplier, testing by the supplier, shipping the product to the manufacturer for replacement/repair(most likely overseas), shipping the product back to ARC etc. These steps usually add up to many weeks. We will always endeavor to respond to you as soon as possible. However, as you can see, the turnaround time for warranty claims mainly depends on suppliers and manufacturers.

    Where the manufacturer's assessment finds that there is no fault with the product, or that the product has physical damage from end-user, you will be required to pay for any costs incurred including the assessment of your product and the transportation of your product to and from the manufacturer etc.

Warranty does not include software issues or loss of data.
Any parts returned for warranty that tests 'ok' may incur $30 testing charge.
CD Media has no warranty unless manufacturer defects can be proved. Such warranty usually happen when manufacturer recalls their products.

Most parts excluding external peripherals could be swapped if in stock up to 14 days from the invoice date provided they are in reasonably good condition. (Excludes special order items)

For warranty item that is over one year old, ARC might do a credit to customer based on a percentage of the purchase price. 50-80% between 1-2 years; 20-50% between 2-3 years and so on. Or, customer has an option of getting a new replacement item if we have it in stock by paying the difference in price based on the above calculation. Say between 1-2 year, customer will pay 20-50% on top of the purchased price to get a new replacement item with full warranty again. Such refund amount might also be determined by supplier who might be refunding only a portion of our purchased price.

If customers choose to install/assemble any ARC products themselves, ARC will not be responsible for any failure that may occur to those products due to incorrect installation, or by not following installation guidelines recommended by the product's designers. ARC recommends a trained technician (preferred at ARC) should install any hardware purchased from our store.

ARC is not responsible for any possibility of VOID of warranty from its original manufacturer once customer decides to leave their equipment(s) to ARC for repair or service.

ARC might need to charge a testing fee of $5- $30 to customer (just like our suppliers do to us), if we found a returned "faulty" item is not faulty after all.

ARC always recommends good backup practice. Under any circumstance, ARC will not be responsible for any software, data or hardware problem while we carry out repair or service work.

Insurance Claim:

Should customer need to go through insurance claim through ARC, any excess fee required by insurance company(s) will need to be paid by customer.

System / Monitor warranty:
All new systems include a 1 year parts & 1 year labor (Return to Base) warranty.
All monitors have manufacturer's warranty, most of them are onsite (or pick up and return) warranty.
2 Years Onsite Warranty is available at $90 extra cost (A Local Pick Up & Drop Off Service).
LCD screens are allowed some 'dead' pixels in the display before being classified as faulty (varies by different manufacturers).

Notebook warranty:
All Laptops/Notebooks have a 12 months onsite pickup and drop-off warranty from manufacturer unless stated otherwise.
All Laptop/Notebook batteries are subject to battery warranty terms usually 3 months (RTB).
LCD screens are allowed some 'dead' pixels on the display panel before being classified as faulty. Detail guideline varies from each manufacturer.

Battery Warranty:
All batteries covered by manufacturers warranty only. (Mostly between 3-6 months)

We accept Australian Government Department Purchase Orders.

We accept

*3.2% surcharge on Amex and Diners, *3% surcharge on Paypal, *1% on VISA and MasterCard, flexirent conditions apply